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Our Purpose

Jesus is the artist, we are the brush. At Jesus Painter Ministries (JPM) art is is our gift, our ministry, and the medium by which we impact the Kingdom for God’s greater glory. Art is our way of bringing faith to life in living color, something we’ve been doing since 1998. When it comes down to it, our relationship with God is personal. Our struggles are personal. Our worship is personal. And when we see our relationship with Christ played out on canvas, we realize just how personal our faith really is; we realize just how much we have truly been given.

It’s that personal worship experience that we at Jesus Painter Ministries want to facilitate at each and every event we do. Our mission is to bring people into an intimate worship experience where their relationship with our Savior becomes personal. And while we can only attain an incomplete picture of God’s true glory, we are dedicated to painting the most powerful portrait we can find this side of eternity. Ultimately, our hope is that when we come face to face with the greatest love the world has ever known, we will respond as King David did, saying – “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”
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Our History

In 1998 a friend, Christian songwriter, Seth Haines, came to me with a song and a challenge. Seth had just written a song called “Intimate Portrait” and he wanted me to paint a portrait of Christ on stage during the song. As an industrial engineering guy exploring the realms of his new art major, I decided to take a chance on the idea and give his first portrait a try. So after spending a few months applying a scientific engineering methodology to planning out his portrait, I attempted it for the first time live, on stage during the actual performance. And that was the first ever rendition of “Intimate Portrait,” later to become known as the first ever Jesus Painter Ministries performance. From the moment I first touched the canvas to begin his depiction of Jesus’ suffering I knew he had found his calling, though it would take a few more months to make the commitment to painting as his full-time ministry. To this day I keep that first painting hanging in my bedroom, regarding it as the only painting I’ve ever done that I can’t find any flaws in. It felt as if God had literally guided my brush across the canvas, making it feel as if I’d been painting all my life when it was, in fact, it was first ever attempt. In the end, that was all the proof I needed and since then we’ve never looked back.

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